Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom bear cost?
Base (bare bear) prices for bears can be found below. Custom Outfits will cost extra, and the prices for the outfits start at $8. Please contact Dot and provide as many details as possible for an accurate estimate. Please visit the bear gallery for sample bears and their outfits. Bare bears come with your choice of a lace collar or a bowtie. Outfit price depends on level of complexity and materials used, and will be added to the base price below:
  Bear Stand
12" Bear      $14.50     $3.50
14" Bear      $18.00     $4.50
16" Bear (Grizzly)      $22.00     $4.50
18" Bear (Regular, Teddy)      $27.00     $6.50
22" Bear      $28.50     $9.50
24" Bear (with stuffing)      $30.00     $9.50
22" Panda Bear      $34.00     $9.50
16" Panda Bear      $20.00     $4.50
15" Cow      $24.00     N/A
22" Cow      $34.00     N/A
12" Bunny      $15.00     $3.50
16" Bunny      $20.00     $6.50
18" Bunny      $27.00     $6.50
Tiger, 20"      $30.00     $9.50
Pricing subject to change.

Fur Style options
A variety of furs are available. Some furs may cost more. View the complete listing of furs

Outfit prices
Outfit price depends on level of complexity and materials used. Send as many details as you can for an estimate.
View the gallery

Shipping & Handling
US Shipping
Shipping charges are based on the purchase price of the bear(s) and the destination state. There are 6 shipping zones in the US that charge different rates. See the US map and chart below. The shopping cart will automatically calculate shipping rates.

Zone 130%
Zone 240%
Zone 350%
Zone 460%
Zone 570%
Zone 680%

International Shipping
Canadian shipments will be charged a shipping rate of 90% of the subtotal. Please contact me for shipping rates to other countries

Sales Tax
New York State residents add 8.00% sales tax

How long does it take to make a custom bear?
Bears can usually be completed in 7-21 days, depending on bear complexity and how many other bear orders there are. Delivery time is not included.

Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?
No. On the checkout page, click on the "Don't have a PayPal account" located immediately under the PayPal login box

What if there is a problem with my bear? What's your refund policy?
Defects must be brought to the attention of Dot within 90 days of receipt. If the clothing is defective, return it for exchange or refund pending approval of Dot. If the bear itself is defective, the customer can choose to get a new bear or be refunded the price of the bear. Bear outfits can not be refunded unless there is a defect due to craftmanship. Shipping fees for the original order can not be refunded. Shipping of product returns due to defects will be refunded after Dot has agreed the product is defective. If the product is deemed to not be defective by Dot, the bear will be returned, but the customer must pay for all extra shipping. Defects caused by shipping are not the responsibility of Dot.

Do you make animals other than bears?
Yes, but only bears can be dressed up. See the complete list of animals.